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Here you will find more information on each of the servers on AnotherMC, where to download the modpacks (for modded), as well as future plans.


Mine and craft! Explore and collect, build bases, kill monsters.


Build to your heart's content! This is a fully creative server, and you can keep your builds protected to prevent griefing.


This server is planned for the future. Normal difficulty vanilla Minecraft, on hardcore mode. If you die on this server, you're banned from it forever, so stay alive! Players with all but the most basic items are the elites on this server.


This server is planned for the future. Play the infamous RealLifeCraft! To play on this server, you need to download the CurseForge Launcher HERE, then download RLCraft from there. You can then launch RLCRAFT, join the network like normal, and go to RLCraft. A word of caution, you WILL die, many many times. Please note that weak computers won't be able to handle this modpack.


OneBlock and Classic SkyBlock are planned for eventual servers.


Planned minigames: BlockShuffle, Hunter vs Speedrunner, Assassin vs Speedrunner, DeathSwap